Friday, June 25, 2010

Moving On Again

I see theres still a trickle of people accessing the Fes Blog no doubt to ascertain what is happening at Dar Mernissi and Fes in general. Well much as would like to regale you with medina musings and Mernissi updates, I vacated Morocco over 2 years ago for the West Coast of Spain.

I still have the brick addiction or craving to buy and renovate that I had in Morocco but it has taken time to find my latest acquisition. The picture on this page is the result of 18 months research on the internet for a best value property. It is a 100 year old Cortijo or farmhouse in Almeria, already 2/3 renovated but scope for improvement and to put in some stylish finishing touches. I bought it last November 2009 for 60,000 euros and have just received permissions to renovate so if you want to follow my progress check out . Of course if you are on this site to find out about all things Moroccan you cant go far wrong by clicking on

Whatever you decide have a nice day, whether I see you at the other blog or not I have bricks to demolish and patios to lay.

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