Saturday, May 26, 2007

all relaxed.....for now

There is one happy house hunter sunning herself on the terrace after finally choosing her little house in the Medina and as she left her sister Nicki showed up and soon was tramping the derb in search of her own slice of the Medina, it never stops. The renovation side of things is coming to an end and my hospitality side is now kicking in for all my visiting friends and family.

As i have not written for a while I have been pondering the exact purpose of the blog and I realise its main purpose was to entertain and inform at the same time the progress and pitfalls in a renovation. To this end I feel it has achieved that aim over more than 90 pages so new readers should take the time to go through the blog archive to see the progression.

For old readers I will probably post from time to time but will probably set up a website incorporating the best visual images and will keep you informed of its progress. There is so much happening in the medina but not all of it relevant to this particular blog, I feel Sandys View from Fes site covers our general daily life and I may take a fresh tack on things once my wi fi is fixed at the house could take a while though!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Poor old blog suffering from a lack of attention but not because nothing is going on en contraire there has been too much to take in at times. From the frantic renovation and opening party of the Clock Cafe, the frantic renovations of Kleos ongoing project and the Sufi concerts at the Palais Mokri there has been a lot to take in this month.

At the Mernissi house work is slowly coming to fruition and as we speak a houseful of old friends have demolished a hearty breakfast and are now sunning themselves on the terrace or playing with the tortoises, putting off doing the less exciting task of opening bank accounts. Yes all the friends are potential Medina house owners of course. At present there are Andy and an expectant Shiffra and the mad Poles Rafe and Joanne who are seriously thinking of investing and Michael a lawyer who has taken on a huge restoration project down in the depths of the derb as we say.

Its been fun having people enjoy the house and entertaining them whilst down in the basement work goes merrily along with the build team taking their time to reconstruct walls; make new floors and today taking delivery of a ton of tiles to lay a new zellige floor. This should be the last major work in the house then we can concentrate on fine tuning things.

Yesterday Ben my trusty guardian got married so we all trooped along, he regaled us all with the story of his wedding night which was a detail too far for most people but he seemed pleased enough to share the full story with us. he will take a few days off to recover no doubt before moving back to the house with his new bride.

Very soon this month we have the invasion of the Norwich contingent starting with Mystere Mike and the wife and brood into their soon to be furnished Dar followed by more reprobates from my previous life should be fun we shall see.